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Fabric knowledge 2

Update:15 Apr
7. What is plain knitted fabric?
The jersey fabric is a single-sided weave in which a single yarn is formed sequentially along the course of the stitches.
8. What is rib knitted fabric? What are the characteristics?
Rib knitted fabrics are knitted fabrics in which a single yarn forms wales on the front and back in turn.
Rib knitted fabrics have the detachability, hemming and extensibility of plain weave fabrics, but also have greater elasticity.
9. What is pure cotton woven fabric? Which categories are there?
Pure cotton woven fabrics are made of cotton as raw materials, and are formed by weaving the warp, weft, vertical, horizontal, ups and downs.
It is divided into four categories: natural white cloth, colored cloth, patterned cloth and yarn-dyed cloth.
10. What is polyester?
Polyester is the trade name of polyester fiber, also known as "really cool" in the market. It first extracts raw materials from petroleum and coking by-products and polymerizes them into polyethylene benzoate resin, which is then melt-spun into polyester.
11. What are the characteristics of pure cotton?
Warm, hygroscopic, heat-resistant, alkali-resistant and hygienic.
12. What are the characteristics of mercerized cotton?
Mercerized cotton is the best in cotton, lighter and thinner than ordinary cotton fabrics, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, does not irritate the skin, and has good hygroscopicity and air permeability.
13. What are the characteristics of silk?
Polyester (also known as really good) has the properties of wrinkle resistance, wear resistance, good shape retention, poor air permeability, and easy to generate static electricity.
14. What kind of fabric is corduroy? What are the characteristics?
It belongs to a kind of cotton, which is durable and soft.