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  • What are the general underwear fabrics

    General underwear fabrics are as follows:1.Silk: Good touch, good material, no static electricity, and can absorb sweat and breathable. The only drawback is that it is difficult to clean. When cleanin

  • What material is good for swimming suit fabric

    What are the materials of swimsuit fabrics? What material is good for swimming suit fabric? Most swimsuits are made of textiles that do not sag or swell when exposed to water. The most common swimwear

  • Introduce the definition and weaving method of knitted rib fabric

    Knitting rib is one of the basic structures of weft knitted fabrics, which is composed of a combination of front coil longitudinal and reverse coil longitudinal. Its knitted fabric has great elasticit

  • Summarize the product characteristics of knitted fabrics

    1、 ScalabilityKnitted fabric is made of yarn bent into loops and connected with each other. The loops have large expansion and contraction space up and down, left and right. Therefore, it has good e

  • Proportion of various components of swimwear fabric

    I know very little about swimming suits, so I need to collect some knowledge about it:A good swimsuit fabric is generally composed of 80% nylon, 20% spandex, or 78% nylon, 22% spandex. The elasticity

  • What are the fabrics of sportswear

    The beauty who can only wear and match is incomplete. Only by moderating diet and moderate exercise can we become a really healthy and good-looking beauty. Knitted air layer is popular in fabrics this