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  • The difference between knitted fabric and washed cotton

    1. The raw materials are different. Washed cotton is made of cotton cloth, while the main raw material of knitted cotton is natural fibers such as cotton and linen wool, but there are also chemical f

  • The difference between quick-drying fabric and swimsuit fabric

    The difference between quick-drying fabrics and swimwear fabrics, swimwear - usually DuPont Lycra, cotton or polyester. Quick-drying clothes are synthetic or polyester fibers. Quick-drying clothes ca

  • How to distinguish the front and back of the fabric

    ① Generally, the pattern and color on the front of the fabric are clearer and more beautiful than the reverse. ②For fabrics with a striped appearance and color-matched patterned fabrics, the front

  • Does the fabric quality inspection standard for the first-class product must be a class A fabric

    A good fabric is not necessarily a class A standard, but a class A standard is usually a better fabric. Each index of the fabric has a corresponding test standard: ●Formaldehyde content: GB/T 2912.

  • Fabric knowledge 4

    17. What is resin finishing, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of resin-finished fabrics? Resin finishing is the finishing of a class of non-crystalline amorphous organic compounds that ar

  • Fabric knowledge 3

    15. What is washing cloth? Washed cloth is made of cotton, real silk chemical fiber, thick and other fabrics as raw materials. After special treatment, the surface tone and luster of the fabric are