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Organize some knowledge about knitted fabrics

Update:22 Dec
Knitted fabrics have soft and delicate texture, moisture absorption and breathability, excellent elasticity, extensibility and producibility. Knitted clothes are comfortable to wear, considerate and fit, without bondage, and can reflect the curves of the human body. Modern knitted fabrics are colorful. New knitted fabrics with different texture effects and functions have been developed and produced, bringing different visual and sensory effects to knitwear.
1. Polyester yarn dyed knitted fabric:
Polyester yarn dyed knitted fabric is made of dyed low elastic polyester yarn, with different colors configured according to design requirements, and jacquard weave is used to weave colorful patterns. Common patterns include bar, diamond, printing, figure, animal, landscape, geometric patterns, etc. The fabric is bright in color, beautiful in appearance, harmonious in color matching, compact and thick in texture, clear in texture, strong in wool shape, and similar in style to woolen tweed. It is mainly used for men's and women's coats, suits, windcoats, vests, skirts, cotton padded jackets, children's clothes, etc.  
2. Polyester knitted fabric denim:
The fabric is made of low elastic polyester fiber, one of which is thick and dyed to navy blue, and the other is thin and made of white silk. It is woven with jacquard weave. The fabric surface has even and small natural color dots in navy blue. This kind of fabric is compact and thick, firm and wear-resistant, neat and elastic. If the raw material contains spandex, it can be woven into elastic knitted denim with good elasticity. Mainly used for coats and trousers for men and women.  
3. Polyester wick knitted fabric:
Polyester filament knitted fabric is made of low elastic polyester yarn with variable double rib weave. During weaving, 1~2 stitches shall be removed from every number of longitudinal coils, so that the cloth surface presents straight stripes with uneven width and width. The thickness of stripes can be determined according to requirements. This kind of fabric has clear concave convex, soft and thick feel, good elasticity and warmth retention. It is mainly used for men's and women's jackets, suits, windbreaker, children's clothes, etc.