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  • 8 common terms for textile fabric styles

    1. Stiffness When you touch the fabric, you can feel the stiffness, the reaction force of the opponent, and the feeling of elasticity and fullness. Such as the feel of high-density fabrics made with e

  • What are the types of knitted fabrics

    Weft knitted fabricOften low-elastic polyester yarn or special-shaped polyester yarn, nylon yarn, cotton yarn, wool yarn, etc. are used as raw materials, and plain stitch, variable plain knit, rib pla

  • What to pay attention to when choosing swimsuit fabrics

    When buying swimwear, you can touch it with your hand, or refer to the ingredient list of the material to see how the material is. A good swimsuit fabric is soft and elastic, the texture of the swim

  • Best fabrics for swimwear

    The most suitable fabric for swimsuits is nylon fabric, which is composed of spandex and nylon (nylon), which is also the fabric of professional swimsuits. It is not suitable to use other fabrics for

  • Sports Apparel Fabric Basics

    Sportswear refers to the clothing worn during exercise, which means that there are more requirements for the performance of the fabric, such as sweat absorption and wear resistance. At present, the p

  • What are the fabrics of sportswear jackets

    [What are the fabrics of sportswear jackets] What fabrics do we usually choose when we buy sportswear? This is really a very professional question for an ordinary consumer, because we don't seem to k