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Fabric Knowledge Encyclopedia

Update:05 Aug
Textile Forming Process
Fiber creation - spinning (dyeing) - weaving - dyeing and printing - fabric finishing - complete textile fabrics

Main categories of fabrics:
1. Grey cloth: The cloth that has just been woven without any processing, usually yellow.
2. Plain-colored cloth: The gray cloth is formed by scouring, bleaching and dyeing, and it is monochrome.
3. Printed cloth: a cloth printed with a certain template and paste on the basis of a plain color cloth, the color is bright and rich, but the color fastness is poor.
4. Burnt-out cloth: By using acid pulp, usually sulfuric acid pulp, using its carbonization effect, and according to the different acid resistance of different blended fibers, a certain part of the surface of the cloth is carbonized to form a flower-shaped cloth. Its style is unique, soft, transparent, complex process, high production risk and low yield.
5. Yarn-dyed fabric: The fabric woven with dyed yarn has strong color fastness, bright yarn-dyed texture and strong three-dimensional effect.
6. Jacquard: The pattern of the fabric is woven according to a certain interlacing method when weaving, and the pattern is also woven by dyed warp and weft according to a certain interweaving method.
7. Embroidery cloth: On the already woven cloth surface, use needles to lead, puncture according to the design requirements, and organize the embroidery threads into cloths of various patterns and colors by running the needles. (There are flat embroidery, sequin embroidery, towel embroidery, ribbon embroidery, water-soluble embroidery, etc.).
8. Cut flower cloth: The flower pattern is formed by cutting off certain parts of the cloth surface.
9. Crinkled cloth: The cloth that is pressed into a wrinkled shape by a machine is usually narrower than the normal width, generally between 130cm and 135cm.
10. Flocking cloth: The cloth with short and dense fiber fluff is used to plant a flower pattern on the already woven cloth surface, which has a strong three-dimensional effect and has the functions of sound absorption and moisture absorption.

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