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8 common terms for textile fabric styles

Update:27 Jul
1. Stiffness
When you touch the fabric, you can feel the stiffness, the reaction force of the opponent, and the feeling of elasticity and fullness. Such as the feel of high-density fabrics made with elastic fibers and yarns. To make the fabric feel stiff, thicker fibers should be selected, the fiber modulus should be increased, and the yarn tightness and weaving density should be improved.
 2. Softness
Softness refers to the softness of bending, light weight, fluffy, strong smooth and waxy feeling, and weak stiffness, flatness and smoothness. To make the fabric feel soft, it can improve the bulkiness of the yarn, choose a finer yarn, and the weaving density should not be too high.
3. Fullness
The fabric has good bulk, giving people a loose and plump feeling. Compression and rebound are good, giving a warm and thick feel.
4. Flexibility
The ability to follow soft deformation of body surfaces.
5. Smoothness
The feel originating from coarse hard fibers or strongly twisted yarns is mainly the surface feel of the fabric, which is enhanced by the overall rigidity of the fabric. Slip can be achieved by twisting and using fibers with grooves or surfaces.
6. Smoothness
A soft, smooth hand derived from fine wool, like cashmere. Slippery is the opposite of smoothness, requiring finer fibers on the surface of the fabric and distributed on the surface of the fabric in the form of curls or hairiness. Slippery and waxiness are positively correlated with fluffy and fullness.
7. Flatness
The performance of the fabric against drape and its ability to stretch into a flat surface has nothing to do with elasticity. Selecting stiffer fibers and yarns and increasing the weaving density will produce such performance characteristics.
8. Drape
Drape refers to the ability of fabric to sag naturally to form a curved surface under its own action. If the fabric can sag into a smooth, evenly curved or evenly corrugated surface, the fabric is said to have good drape.

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