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What are the types of knitted fabrics

Update:22 Jul
Weft knitted fabric
Often low-elastic polyester yarn or special-shaped polyester yarn, nylon yarn, cotton yarn, wool yarn, etc. are used as raw materials, and plain stitch, variable plain knit, rib plain knit, double rib plain knit, jacquard, terry, etc. are used. It is compiled on various knitting machines.
It has many varieties, generally has good elasticity and extensibility, the fabric is soft, durable and wrinkle-resistant, the hair type is strong, and it is easy to fall off and curl.

2. Warp knitted fabric
Synthetic filaments such as polyester, nylon and polypropylene are often used as raw materials, and are also woven from cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fibers and their blended yarns. It has the advantages of good dimensional stability, stiff fabric, small detachment, no curling, and good air permeability. However, its lateral extension, elasticity and softness are not as good as weft knitted fabrics.

The gram weight of knitted fabrics is generally the gram weight of ordinary rice fabrics. Gram weight is an important technical indicator of knitted fabrics. In knitted products, generally speaking, the heavier the gram weight, the thicker the fabric texture.

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