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What to pay attention to when choosing swimsuit fabrics

Update:15 Jul
When buying swimwear, you can touch it with your hand, or refer to the ingredient list of the material to see how the material is. A good swimsuit fabric is soft and elastic, the texture of the swimsuit fabric is relatively dense, the cutting is exquisite, and the sewing is made of elastic thread, which will not cause the thread to break due to movement. When trying it on, the principle of fit and comfort is the principle. If it is too large, it is easy to swim in the water, which will increase the burden on the body and the resistance when swimming. If it is too small, it is easy to cause streaks on the limbs and cause poor blood flow.
The main thing is the fabric and structure. It is best to choose elastic fabrics with a spandex content of more than 15%, so that the swimsuit can expand and contract freely with the body movement; when swimming in the swimming pool, pay attention to the adaptability of the fabric to the chlorine molecule content of the water in the swimming pool. At present, the most popular three-dimensional elastic in the world Swimwear made of fabric, ideal for cold water or swimming. Because this fabric is more hollow, it is easy to maintain body temperature. Try to buy as little or no imitation so-called "imported spandex high elastic fabric". First, the spandex content of clothing fabrics is generally around 15%-20%. Second, the imitation fabrics have extremely poor resilience after launching due to variation in composition.
The most suitable fabric for swimwear is nylon fabric, and the composition of nylon fabric is spandex and nylon (nylon). This is also the fabric of professional swimsuits. It is not suitable to use other fabrics for swimming, such as cotton, but polyester is also used for swimsuits.
The advantages of nylon spandex swimsuits are bright colors, comfortable to wear, elastic, not deformed after repeated wearing, fast dripping, easy to wash and dry. The same is true for the raw materials of professional swimsuits, but the technical content in it will be higher, and it is generally treated specially. Such as reducing resistance, water repellent treatment and so on.