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Introduce the definition and weaving method of knitted rib fabric

Update:06 Mar
Knitting rib is one of the basic structures of weft knitted fabrics, which is composed of a combination of front coil longitudinal and reverse coil longitudinal. Its knitted fabric has great elasticity and extensibility when it is stretched horizontally, so it is often used for internal and external clothing products that need elasticity, such as elastic shirts, elastic vests, pullover cuffs, necklines and trouser cuffs.

There are many composite structures derived from rib structure, mainly including rib air layer structure and dot structure. Rib air layer tissue is composed of rib tissue and needle tissue. This kind of tissue has less lateral extensibility, better dimensional stability, and has the advantages of thick and scraping. Dot stitch is composed of incomplete rib stitch and incomplete flat stitch stitch. According to the configuration order of the two coils in a complete organization, there are Swiss and French coils. Swiss dot weave has compact structure, small extensibility and good dimensional stability. French dot weave has the characteristics of clear coil longitudinal lines and large width. These two kinds of fabrics are widely used in the production of knitted outerwear.

Knitted rib fabric is a double-sided rib fabric. One stitch every other is 1 * 1 rib, two stitches every two are 2 * 2 rib, and one stitch is 2 * 1 rib, which is generally 19 stitches. 16 stitches. 12 stitches weft knitted thread machine weaving. Features of rib knitted fabric: good lateral elasticity, suitable for tight clothing, accessories, etc. Common rib fabrics include plain knitted rib fabric, automatic rib fabric and interlaced rib fabric.

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