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Printing is bound to become one of the great technologies in textile history

Update:25 Mar
Printing is characteristic of the Internet. Through intelligent automation, manual intervention is reduced to a minimum, and the production method of on-demand ink supply has greatly reduced pollution emissions and will eventually achieve zero emissions. Today, China's economy is in a period of structural change. New technologies represented by the Internet and new C2B business models are deeply changing China's traditional industries.
In the past, the Internet was relatively independent online and offline, but now the mobile Internet Industrial Internet can be operated and controlled anytime, anywhere, which facilitates the organic integration of network virtual products into real products. The future market of any traditional industry that can be linked by the Internet is huge. of. Printing can turn virtual products on the Internet into real products, and at the same time has the characteristics of low cost, small batch, fast response, high quality and green environmental protection, which has absolute advantages compared with traditional production.
Printing equipment has the characteristics of traditional equipment, good quality, fast speed, low cost and large output. In the past three years, the development of print head technology and control technology has greatly improved the speed, reliability and cost performance of the machine. The output of the printing machine during scanning has exceeded 10 m/min, while the output of the onepass printing machine has exceeded 60. m/min.
Printing also has great advantages in terms of ink selection. The localization of high-quality ink has greatly reduced the cost of use, and the comprehensive use cost of consumables will reach the cost of traditional printing. At the same time, the comprehensive index of domestic ink has surpassed imported ink in an all-round way, but the price is only about 1/3 of imported ink.
Another key core issue is color. Color in printed fabrics is the most influential factor. Among the three elements of clothing, color, style and fabric, the weight of color is more than 50%. The information received by vision accounts for about 70% of all information, and color occupies a very important position in visual art. Compared with visual art elements such as shape, light and shade, and texture, color is more intuitive, vivid, expressive and visually impactful.
When we intelligently network the printing technology and link it with the C2B business model, it is a revolutionary support technology that links virtual products to real products. Printing technology makes it possible for the textile industry to realize C2B, the textile industry will become the industry leading into the C2B era, and printing will surely become one of the greatest technologies in the textile history.