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Talk about the difference between colorful ribbed cloth and printed cloth

Update:07 Jan
The colorful circle rib fabric is a knitted fabric in which a yarn is sequentially formed into a wale on the front and back. It has the looseness, curling and extensibility of plain weave fabric, and it also has greater elasticity. It is often used on the collar and cuffs of T-shirts. It has a good fit effect and is very elastic (more elastic than stretch cotton). It is mainly used for casual clothing. Speaking of plain weave, let’s take socks as an example. Common cotton socks without anything are plain weave, and those with strips protruding like corduroy are rib weave.

Printed cloth refers to the printing of colors and patterns on plain gray cloth by means of transfer or garden net, which is called printed cloth. Simply put, after the cloth is woven, the pattern is printed on it. The colors of printed products are bright and lively, and there are many types of patterns. Generally, it can be divided into reactive printing and dyeing and pigment printing:

Reactive dyes: also known as reactive dyes, during the dyeing and printing process, the active genes of the dyes are combined with the fiber molecules, so that the dyes and fibers form a whole. The fabric has excellent dustproof performance, high cleanliness, and high color fastness. Of course, the cost is much higher than that of pigment printing and dyeing.

Pigment printing and dyeing: the pigments used are non-reactive dyes. This printed cloth is relatively cheap.

The characteristics of calico: bright colors, rich patterns, with hand-painted printing and dyeing effects.