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The categories of knitted fabrics

Update:17 Jan
Knitted fabric is the fabric formed by bending the yarn into a loop and stringing it with each other. The difference between knitted fabric and woven fabric lies in the different forms of yarn in the fabric. Knitting is divided into weft knitting and warp knitting. Now let's introduce the categories of knitted fabrics.

1. Polyester yarn-dyed knitted fabric: the fabric has bright color, beautiful appearance, harmonious color matching, compact and thick texture, clear texture, strong wool type feeling, and similar wool fabric tweed style. It is mainly used for men's and women's jackets, suits, windcoats, vests, skirts, cotton-padded jacket fabrics, children's clothing, etc.

2. Polyester knitted labor fabric: This kind of fabric is compact, thick, firm and wear-resistant, crisp and elastic. If the raw material is core-spun yarn containing spandex, it can be woven into elastic knitted jeans, with good elasticity. Pants mainly used for men's and women's top.

3. Polyester knitted wick fabric: the fabric is concave and convex, has a thick feel, and has good elasticity and warmth retention. Mainly used for men's and women's jackets, suits, windbreaker, children's clothing and other fabrics.

4. Polyester cotton knitted fabric: the fabric is dyed and then used as shirt, jacket and sportswear fabric. The fabric is crisp and wrinkle-resistant, firm and wear-resistant, and the close side is hygroscopic and breathable, soft and comfortable.

5. Artificial fur needle fabric: the fabric feels thick, soft and warm. According to different varieties, it is mainly used for overcoat fabrics, clothing linings, collars, hats, etc. Artificial fur is also made by warp knitting.

6. Velvet knitted fabric: the fabric feels soft, thick, firm and wear-resistant, with dense and towering down and soft color. It is mainly used as outer garment fabric, collar or hat material. It can also be made of warp knitting, for example, warp knitted terry fleece fabric.

7. Hong Kong-style knitted fabric: it has the smooth, waxy, soft and bulky feel of cashmere fabric, and has the characteristics of soft luster, good drapability, non-shrinkage and good permeability of silk fabric. It is mainly used as fashion fabric in spring, autumn and winter.