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The difference between quick-drying fabric and swimsuit fabric

Update:20 May
The difference between quick-drying fabrics and swimwear fabrics, swimwear - usually DuPont Lycra, cotton or polyester. Quick-drying clothes are synthetic or polyester fibers. Quick-drying clothes cannot be replaced
Swimsuits, good - ordering will be a lot more expensive than regular swimsuits.
Quick-drying fabrics are generally: chemical fiber, polyester fiber, synthetic fabric fiber.
Quick-drying clothes are produced in response to the requirements of outdoor use environments. - Under normal circumstances, quick-drying clothes can be put on at the turn of spring and summer, when they are more heavy than heavy ones
Jackets are more convenient and practical. The main function of quick-drying clothes is to quickly wick away sweat, that is, to quickly absorb and diffuse the sweat from the skin, and spread it out as much as possible.
Large area to speed up evaporation.
Wearing ordinary sportswear and immediately entering a resting state after sweating during exercise will cause you to get sick due to changes in human body temperature. And quick-drying clothes can dissipate moisture and keep warm, which is beneficial
To keep skin dry and fresh. In particular, when doing outdoor sports, quick-drying clothes can play a better role in windproof, rainproof and moistureproof.
Z common swimsuit fabrics are divided into the following three types:
1. DuPont Lycra swimsuits will have a longer service life than ordinary swimsuits, and are mostly suitable for one-piece swimsuits.
2. Swimsuits made of nylon fabric belong to the middle price range. Of course, compared with DuPont Lycra swimsuits, they are not solid enough, but their elasticity and softness are comparable.
We often use the most common swimsuit fabrics.
3. Swimsuits made of polyester fabrics have small elasticity, are limited, and are low-priced products. They are generally designed as split swimsuits and are not suitable for one-piece swimsuits.
Choose a swimsuit
(1) The content of spandex yarn: the international standard for the content of spandex yarn is about 18%, and a better swimsuit must reach the content of 18% spandex.
(2) Elasticity: A good swimsuit should have a very tight tension. Of course, the elasticity is not the bigger the better, but the better the rebound and recovery. hand
It is also necessary to have a good feeling. You can compare the feel of professional swimsuits such as FEW and YINGFA with the feel of swimsuits such as Hosa and ZOKE in shopping malls. Note that the more expensive the swimsuit, the better.
it is good.
(3) Style and color: The style and color of swimwear are also an indispensable choice for everyone, which mainly depends on your personal preference.