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A Brief Talk on the Varieties of Knitted Ribs

Update:14 Oct
There are also many kinds of knitted rib fabrics, such as 1*1 rib fabric, 2*2 rib fabric, 3*3 rib fabric, 1*2 rib fabric, etc. According to different machines, there can also be large circular knitting rib fabric, flat knitting rib fabric, etc., according to If the materials are different, there are many varieties, almost countless.

It can be produced by double needle bed circular or flat knitting machine. Its organization is knitted by rib gauge, so it is called rib. The outer and inner stitches of plain weave are alternately arranged in a row, so the appearance of the bottom surface is symmetrical on both sides, and its organization It has good elasticity when it is stretched horizontally, and it is not easy to curl. Because it is composed of one needle and needle, it is named 1X1 rib, and because the needles of the dial and the needle cylinder are all knitted at each knitting port, it is also called rib. For 1X1 full needle rib, the elasticity of the rib depends on the structure of the rib, the elasticity of the yarn, the friction properties, and the density of the knitted fabric.

Knitted rib structure is one of the basic structures of weft knitted fabrics. Knitted fabrics with rib weave have greater elasticity and extensibility when stretched laterally, so they are often used in inner and outer clothing products that require certain elasticity, such as stretch shirts, stretch vests, pullover cuffs, necklines and trousers.

There are many composite structures derived from rib structure, mainly including rib air layer structure and dot pattern structure. The rib air layer structure is compounded by the rib structure and the plain stitch structure. This type of tissue has less lateral extension, better dimensional stability, and has the advantages of being thick and sturdy. Dotted weave is composed of incomplete rib weave and incomplete plain stitch weave. According to the arrangement order of the two coils in a complete organization, there are Swiss-style and French-style. The Swiss-style dot pattern has a compact structure, small extensibility and good dimensional stability. The French dot pattern structure has the characteristics of clear coil wale pattern, plump surface and large width. Both of these structures are widely used in the production of knitted outerwear.