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Outline the product characteristics of knitted fabrics

Update:21 Oct
1. Scalability 
Knitted fabrics are made of yarns that are bent into loops and interlocked with each other. The loops have a large room for expansion and contraction up and down, left and right, so they have good elasticity, they fit the body when they are worn, are comfortable and convenient, and are suitable for stretching when the human body is exercising. Bending and other requirements.
2. Softness
The raw materials used in knitted clothing fabrics are fluffy and soft yarns with a small twist. The surface of the fabric has a layer of tiny suede, and the tissue composed of coils is loose and porous, which reduces the friction between the skin and the surface of the fabric when wearing. Gives a comfortable and soft feeling.
3. Hygroscopicity and breathability
Because the loops that make up the knitted fabric are interlocked with each other, countless isolated air pockets are formed in the fabric, which has good warmth retention and breathability. In addition, both plant and animal fibers have hygroscopic ability, such as cotton fibers, which have better hygroscopic performance. Therefore, wearing cotton knitted clothing in summer will feel cooler and not feel airy and uncomfortable.
4. Anti-wrinkle
When the knitted fabric is subjected to a wrinkling external force, the loop can be transferred to adapt to the deformation under the force; when the wrinkling force disappears, the transferred yarn can quickly recover and maintain its original state.