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Classification and difference of rib

Update:10 Feb
Rib is the basic structure of double-sided circular machine fabric, which is made of front coil longitudinal and reverse coil longitudinal in a certain proportion. Common ones include 1+1 rib (plain rib), 2+2 rib and spandex rib.
Rib knitted fabric has the characteristics of shedding, crimping and extensibility of plain fabric, and also has great elasticity. It is often used for the collar and cuffs of T-shirts. It has a good effect on the body, and has a great elasticity. (It is more elastic than the stretcher cotton) It is mainly used for casual clothing.
Rib is relative to plain. Take socks for example, ordinary cotton socks without anything are plain, and the strip like velvet is rib.
Rib weave is one of the basic weaves of weft knitted fabrics. It is composed of front coil longitudinal and reverse coil longitudinal in a certain form. Rib knitted fabric has great elasticity and extensibility when it is stretched horizontally, so it is often used for internal and external clothing products that require certain elasticity, such as elastic shirts, elastic vests, pullover cuffs, necklines and trouser cuffs.
There are two types of rib: one is flat knitting rib; The second is round machine rib. Flat knitting machine rib can be divided into two categories: large computer flat knitting machine rib and general flat knitting machine rib. Large computerized flat knitting machines are expensive and can weave patterns, but general computerized flat knitting machines do not have this function. At present, most flat knitting rib on the market are woven by ordinary flat knitting machines.
Compared with the circular rib, the grey fabric of the circular rib is cylindrical. Due to the fine needle pitch (generally more than 15G), the cloth surface texture is fine, and the cloth is relatively thin. It is generally used for knitted garment bulky cloth or piping, or collar edge of round neck T-shirt. The plain cloth with rib on flat knitting machine is in sheet shape, and each piece has split line. The needle pitch is relatively thick, the cloth surface style is coarse, and the cloth is thick and solid. It is generally made of several strands of yarn. It is generally used for collar and sleeve parts of knitted lapel T-shirt, collar edge of woven jacket, cuff and hem parts.