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What are the fabrics of sportswear

Update:17 Feb
The beauty who can only wear and match is incomplete. Only by moderating diet and moderate exercise can we become a really healthy and good-looking beauty. Knitted air layer is popular in fabrics this year. The air layer materials include polyester, polyester spandex, polyester cotton spandex, etc. I believe that the air layer fabric will be more and more popular with consumers at home and abroad. Like sandwich mesh, there are more products that use it. Sandwich fabric Sandwich fabric consists of upper, middle and lower sides. The surface is usually designed with mesh, the middle layer is MOLO yarn connecting the surface and the bottom, and the bottom is usually a tightly woven flat plate, commonly known as "sandwich". There is a layer of dense mesh under the fabric, so that the mesh on the surface will not deform too much, which strengthens the fastness and color of the fabric. In the process of garment production, the characteristics of knitted sports fabric affect the processing technology. Knitted fabrics have the characteristics of extensibility, desquamation, crimping, process retraction, shearing resistance, etc. In the process of knitted sportswear processing and production, reasonable processing methods should be adopted according to the fabric characteristics. Sandwich fabric is a synthetic fabric woven by warp knitting machine. The mesh effect makes the fabric more modern and sporty. It is made of high molecular synthetic fiber and woven by precision machine at one time. It is durable and belongs to the top quality of warp knitted fabric. The gradual change of cationic gradient fabric is an important law of formal beauty in aesthetics. The visual elements such as shape, size, orientation, direction, color, etc. can be mutated. Fully perceive the rugged, rhythmic and hierarchical effects of color mutation on the picture, and experience the unique charm of color mutation in nature and in the day. How do we choose the fabric of sports equipment when we exercise. Today, what are the fabrics of sportswear? What fabric is good for sportswear?
Now many MM are very lazy. They often stay at home and apply facial mask to eat snacks, but they don't have proper exercise. In fact, keeping the habit of exercise can improve the internal circulation of our body, and can also add points to our skin. Do you want to go to the gym after hearing this? But a set of suitable sports equipment is also indispensable. There are a lot of technology products in sports equipment now, which are not only very durable, but also very fashionable.
Sports fabric - pure cotton
For aerobic exercise, pure cotton sportswear has the advantages of sweat-absorbing, breathable and quick-drying. Pure cotton sportswear can sweat well and take away the discomfort caused by sweating during exercise. Nike can be said to be the leader in sports equipment. DRI-FIT fabric can promote moisture absorption and sweat-wicking to help you stay dry and comfortable. The collar design and loose fit create a comfortable and natural casual feeling. Reflective design elements make you still visible in the dim light. The irregular hem forms a unique (interpretation: unique, special) coverage effect, highlighting the fashion atmosphere. Don't think that sports equipment is not fashionable enough. Perspective clothing and sexy sports vest make sweaty sexy more beautiful. However, the disadvantage of pure cotton fabric is that it is easy to wrinkle and has a bad drooping feeling.
Sports fabric - velvet
Although it doesn't exercise, the velvet sports suit of JUICY family is necessary, otherwise it would be left behind by fashion. It perfectly sets off the slim figure, lengthens the leg lines, and makes people dazzled by various colors. All kinds of star upper bodies also give us the reason to start! Juzi has always stressed the importance of comfort and fashion, setting off a luxury sports style. Full of texture and streamline modeling design, every detail reveals the noble and sexy of this fashionable woman, and it is also necessary to maintain Z's charming femininity in sports. The magic hip lifting effect can best show the charm of women in the new era. At the same time, velvet fabric also has the disadvantages of weak permeability and thick weight.
Sports fabric - knitted cotton
In addition to the two mentioned above, of course, the one commonly used in Z is knitted fabric. Knitted cotton is very light, breathable, elastic and easy to stretch. It is the best partner when exercising. At the same time, its price is not expensive, and it is suitable for all girls who want to pursue a good figure. As for the style, knitted cotton is suitable for all kinds of styles. Whether it is sports skirt, loose sports pants and sports T-shirt, knitted cotton can perfectly present. The sportswear made of knitted cotton fabric also has disadvantages. It is not easy to fuzz if it is not maintained and cleaned.
With these sports equipment, will it be smoother on the way to sports. However, the key to exercise is persistence. Don't fish for three days and bask in the net for two days. I believe that you will get a devil's figure if you persist in exercise.