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Proportion of various components of swimwear fabric

Update:21 Feb
I know very little about swimming suits, so I need to collect some knowledge about it:

A good swimsuit fabric is generally composed of 80% nylon, 20% spandex, or 78% nylon, 22% spandex. The elasticity shall reach more than 100% of the tensile force. Water absorption should be relatively small. Generally speaking, it should be dried within ten minutes after being on the water. If you don't do this, the fabric is not very good. The professional swimsuit should be stretched, and the fabric should be resistant to sweat, alkali, seawater, sunlight (UV), environmental protection test, household washing test, etc. Therefore, good swimwear fabrics are several times more expensive than other kinds of fabrics.

The actual scientific name of spandex should be called spandex or polyester, that is, nylon or polyester yarn is interwoven with spandex yarn. Spandex yarn needs to be imported in China now. Nylon yarn and polyester yarn are completely domestic, and the internationally unified spandex content standard is 18%. The first is to reach 18% of the content of spandex. The second is interwoven with nylon silk. Third, knitting machinery and equipment should reach more than 32 stitches. Fourth, the level of processing and sewing. Of course, style design and color matching are also essential.

The advantages of spandex bathing suit are bright color, comfortable to wear, fast dripping, easy to wash and dry, especially small resistance, which can improve the performance of the race. Now some athletes in the World Series have changed into full-body swimsuits. This is why in the past, when wearing short swimsuits, we should shave off our hair, reduce the resistance by 1%, and improve the ranking.

After wearing high-quality professional swimsuits, you can trim your figure and show your figure better than not wearing clothes. So beauty pageants wear swimsuits. The swimsuit is very crafty. If the process is not good, it is easy to burst the wire. The burst thread of the swimsuit will cause it to spread out completely, unlike other clothes, which can be sewn by themselves. Of course, a good bathing suit is very comfortable to wear, and the body is also very free. It won't be breathless like other body-building underwear.