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Introduce the characteristics of knitted fabric and pure cotton fabric

Update:11 Nov
The appearance of knitted cotton is like pure cotton. Cotton fibers have good moisture absorption. Generally, cotton fibers can absorb moisture in the air, which is why knitted cotton and pure cotton can make people feel comfortable when wearing. Pure cotton means that the cotton content of the fabric is; Knitting refers to the production process, including pure cotton knitting, nylon knitting, etc., but the heat resistance of pure cotton fabric is better. Knitted cotton has a smooth surface because of its textile technology. Compared with pure cotton, it is not easy to pilling. Generally, the knitted fabric is soft and feels good. It is easy to deform when pulled slightly. Many underwear vests are made of knitted cotton. However, pure cotton without any indication of knitting can be generally understood as cloth. The handle should be hard, with stiffness, no ductility, and is not easy to deform. This is generally the case for some cheongsam, which can be easily identified by the handle.

Knitted cotton is a kind of cloth woven on a circular loom. When woven, the fabric feels soft and elastic. It is mostly used to make T-shirts, underwear, cotton, sportswear, etc. From the characteristics of knitted cotton and pure cotton fabrics, knitted cotton is characterized by good dyeability, high color brightness and fastness, and its wearing comfort and moisture absorption are close to those of pure cotton. The disadvantage is acid resistance and poor elasticity. Pure cotton is characterized by good moisture absorption and high wearing comfort.

In terms of material selection, there is no difference between the two fabrics. Knitted cotton is actually made of cotton thread through knitting technology. It is all due to cotton, which is comfortable and healthy to wear, so there is not much difference between the two fabrics. The difference is that knitted cotton has good dyeing technology, and the quality of dyeing process is another matter. These two kinds of fabrics are made of cotton. Because of the difference in technology and surface of the fabric, it is only the difference in comfort and moisture absorption.