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Tell me what rib hem fabric is

Update:18 Nov
Knitted rib hem is a rib tissue derived from rib air layer, dot structure and many other composite tissues. According to the configuration sequence of two coils in a complete mechanism, it can be divided into Swiss coils and French coils. The Swiss dot matrix has a compact structure, small scalability and good dimensional stability. French dot structure is characterized by clear longitudinal pattern, plump surface and wide coil width.

Rib hem can be understood as rib weave. It is a knitted fabric made of raw materials. It is generally knitted according to the rib sewing spacing. Double needle bed circular or flat knitting machines can produce it. Its weave is woven with rib needle spacing, so it is called rib. The front and back of plain fabric are alternately arranged on a horizontal line. The appearance of both sides of the bottom is symmetrical. Its weave is elastic when it is stretched horizontally, and it is not easy to curl, The stiffeners are composed of one needle alternately, so they are 1X1 stiffeners.

It is also 2x2 and 3x3. In addition, since the needle plate and kettle needle are knitting at each mouth, also known as 1X1 full needle rib, the elasticity of the knitted rib depends on the rib structure, the machine's knitting method, the elasticity of the thread, the friction performance, and the density of the knitted fabric. Rib structured fabrics cannot be unfastened from the edge of the cloth.

Knitted rib hem weave has the advantages of small horizontal stretching, good dimensional stability, thickness, and sharpness. The shading weave is composed of non rib weave and uneven needle weave. According to the arrangement order of two kinds of coils in one weave, the Swiss style dot weave has a tight structure, small stretching, and good dimensional stability. The style dot weave has the characteristics of clear vertical lines, full surface, and large width, These two kinds of tissues are used in the production of knitted outerwear.